Short Love Messages

By | February 6, 2021

Short Love Messages

short love messages which one can give to a desired person can be cute and sweet when they get it.A sentence which is heart touching and simple with few loving words expresses a lot.To melt the heart of your love one, short love messages can cause his/her to receive a special feelings.Social apps may be a support that will help share your love or other likes. Below are list of short love messages that you can send to your love one.

  • I live because of your i love you!
  • I don’t want my heart back for you have already stole from me!
  • For you by my side i don’t need a superhero,You are all i need.
  • One thing for me to be an expert is by loving you!
  • To compare my love for you is like the Ocean,Endless as the eye can see.
  • You hold the key to the door of my heart and no one can open it
  • when it comes to fulfillment on this planet you are the only person.You’re my other half.
  • My suitable lover i dream off,and i couldn’t picture someone better than you.
  • the strongest team against the universe is you and me.
  • whether far or close to me,The first thought in heart is always you.
  • On my mind i start my day together with you and in my dreams i end my day.
  • waking up each morning knowing you by my side always give me strength.
  • I was indeed very happy the first day you introduce love and beauty to me.I love you.
  • Each morning when i wake up, I pinch myself to bring into remembrance that you’re in my life.
  • When i wake up every morning my favorite activity is embracing and kissing your cheeks!love you!
  • millions of bad memories from my mind are erase whenever i touch you.
  • How can i live life without reason to be is you.
  • the perfect thing in life is not you,but us.I will make sure to keep us together.
  • Can i dance with you when the tune of a song is played forever?
  • May i be your favorite hello,and hardest goodbye.
  • I wish you will know the kind of happiness you’ve brought into my life.
  • My babe,when you smile then i’m melt.Life is worth living for you are mine.
  • As a king i felt in my heart whenever you smile to me,that’s the reason why i love you forever!
  • I will give out everything to make you smile.Your smile is like light inside me.
  • Just like money.the more I get,the more I want that’s you!

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