Goodnight Messages

By | January 12, 2021

Goodnight Messages

Goodnight Messages

Maybe you’re dating someone long distance, maybe you’re dating someone new you want to impress, maybe you’re missing someone you care about deeply, or maybe you just want some more ideas to mix in with your own.

No matter your situation, it’s always nice to let someone know they’re the last person you want to talk to before you go to bed at night. Here are some goodnight Messages, quotes, and texts you can use to say goodnight to your special someone:Goodnight Messages

Finding the perfect good night messages can be daunting. It is because finding the exact good night wishes helps tell more of one’s emotions. We have the list that suits everyone in love. Check it up below! Are you looking for the perfect good night messages to send your loved ones? Here is a list from where to choose from;

“I’ll send you a cloud that covers you, a star that lights the night, the moon that watches you. Greetings and a good night” !!

“Do you know that someone is thinking of you and giving you the sky full of stars?”

“Tonight I lie down alone. But my thoughts are only with you, so I send you 1000 stars and wish you were here. They watch over you and tell you softly: “Do not forget me”! Sweet Dreams! I love you”

“If you are sad this night, because I am not with you. Then look at the window, there is a star, so far and only for you … good night”.

“When the sun glows red in the sea, it magically pulls into your arms. After it slowly darkens-so beautiful the moon sparkles in your eyes”.

“A good nightmail very short and small, just bounce into your phone. Have a nice day, emailed someone who likes you”.

“I am the little dear mouse, I am not standing in front of your house. So I will send you from afar, a handful of glamor!”

“A handful of charms and the whole world to it, I say you like you. Out of my bed and cover up”.

“Close your eyes and sleep quickly, I’ll always be with you. Are you going to protect and watch, what else can I do without my angel?”

“I send a kiss from me directly to you. So leave the window on it lands right on your lips. Think of me as well as me.”

“Look tonight in the distance, high up in the sky, then you see the stars. Look up to the moon watching you tonight, and think of me, I wish you sweet dreams and good night!”

“I look into the valley of the stars I see darkness and light. Send a greeting from a far distance – I think of you. Good night sleep well!”

“You will not be able to find an asterisk today … they are playing behind thick rainclouds. Do not have to be sad about it … the stars will soon shine again in the moonlight. Now I will tell you a loving good night and the eyes are quickly made ,”

“I would love to be your bed, so I always slept with you. I would be very delicate to YOU ​​and fill your sleep with dreams.”

“You lie in your bed and I in my bed, much nicer it would be now in a duet. You could cuddle together and whisper about others.”

“I am the angel who watches over you, watching and watching you all night. Who tells you how much he loves you and that there is no future without you.

“Last night I sent a protective gel to you. After five minutes he came back. I asked why? He smiled: an angel does not need a protective gel! =)

“Sleep well and dream beautiful, we will meet again

“Fallen star – so far and so far, greet my beloved and tell him: I love you so much.

A little bear says good night and has thought of his treasure! I wish you a wonderful day, and again a day that I am saying: I miss you.

So now I lie down, rest my eyes. So that you can sleep well, come a lot of dreams. Fall softly down on you, whisper softly: I’ll be back soon!

Good evening good night, the best time of the day I have spent with you today. So I will send you an angel who watches over you and your dreams.

And when the night embraces the day, a dream descends. The day’s fears become small, an angel stays with you. He watches over you carefully, and will always be with you, so you dream peacefully, joyfully and quietly until the morning sunshine.

Short sweet goodnight love messages for her

For me, you are the moon tonight, which makes my dreams silver, who protects me in my pillow, how long have I to miss?

Again a day has passed, the night, she envelops us, and glows high in the sky, the silver stars. I wish you glittering stars that shine on you, beautiful dreams that delight you, and an angel who holds his hand over you and keeps all suffering from you for ever.

I pushed the clouds aside to see the stars. I asked angels to watch over you tonight. I worked in the dream factory to give you nice dreams. Why? Because I love you! Good night.

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