Billy Alsbrooks

By | August 3, 2021

Billy Alsbrooks

Billy Alsbrooks

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks, Jr., a world influencer, is a former Billboard recording artist, songwriter, and successful music producer who became a Christian in 2008.
Billy has grown into a dynamic and passionate motivational speaker, best-selling author, mind surgeon, and success engineer since graduating from FCU with a major in Bible Ministry.
On Youtube, his inspiring videos have been viewed over 33 MILLION times (
Blessed And Unstoppable, his life-changing book, has been sold in over 29 countries.
B7U Clothing was founded by Billy as well.
His motivating clothing focuses on designs that elevate, motivate, and inspire people to achieve their full potential.
For his good impact around the world, Billy was recently given an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities.
Billy is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world because when he speaks, he speaks directly to the audience’s soul, not just their minds, ears, or hearts.
His charismatic booming voice, insightful delivery, and thought-provoking ideas rock the foundations of any arena where he speaks.
This is why Billy gets paid by NFL teams and other organizations all around the world to come speak for their organisation
Billy’s zeal, fire, and high-intensity energy are contagious.
His openness and down-to-earth honesty allow him to connect with the audience on a deep level.
This enables him to effectively create hope, initiate mental shifts, and trigger major breakthroughs in his listeners almost quickly.
Billy is more than a motivational speaker; he is an anointed motivational artist who honestly paints the globe with compelling lyrical sentences that plant the truth deep into the cores of those who hear him.
Billy has set a lofty aim of reaching and positively impacting 1 billion people with his videos, books, and clothing line.
His zeal and global ambitions have resulted in a significant shift.

Dr Billy Alsbrooks Quotes

“When your why for overcoming is greater than the obstacle, the obstacle ceases to exist.”

“to give up on your dream is to commit abortion on the life you could have had.”

“Every time we get along with God, we give birth to something.”

“Right thinking sustained long enough will eventually bring peace in order to any situation.”

“God places our own healing inside those around us.”

“Nothing can be denied that one who won’t be denied.”

“Success is a marathon of consistency, walked out one day at a time.”

“Breakthroughs are engineered from the inside out.”

“Refuse to give time, energy, or focus to anything that doesn’t belong in your future.”

“A prayer wrapped in doubt is not a prayer, it’s a wish.”

“Love changes everything it touches”

“Happiness chases those who master the art of forgiveness.”

“The weak seek revenge, the strong seek to forgive.”

“The first step towards success is to Detox Emotionally. A person full of bitterness has no room for prosperity.”

“wisdom has not been fully accepted until it’s consistently applied.


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